Pinewood Derby Printable

It’s Pinewood Derby time!  I made these Pinewood Derby Certificates for the Pinewood Derby at our church last Friday. It was fun to look at all the cars and make the awards.

Update FEB 2014: I am now officially licensed by the Boy Scouts to make these certificates. Yay!

I figured out this morning how to make these into editable Participation Awards. For the Particiaption Awards, each certificate reads, “The Cool Car Award.” Simply download the PDF, fill in your pack number and date, and you’re ready to print. Certificates are designed with minimal color on white to SAVE YOUR INK! The margins on these are a quarter inch all around. Shrink to fit if your printer requires larger margins.

For a set of 46 printable Pinewood Derby “Style Awards” — each certificate has a unique accolade such as, “Most Radical, Most Sporty, Most Imaginative, Instant Adoration, Super Sleek, Super Paint Job,” and more — click here!

I also have a complete set of coordinating 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place certificates here. I guess I’m the pinewood derby printable headquarters. :)

Etsy has instant download now, so you’ll be able to get them in the minute you complete your purchase. That’s a nice feature, I know getting a derby together can be pressure!

Update, October 2013…made some new Pinewood Derby Certificates based on a retro French racing poster. Hope you like them!  


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