I immediately fell in love with these String-tie envelopes from Mini-eco. Today I made my own using the Mini-eco template and cute&useful printable papers: Fruit Chews and Confetti 2. I also made a new “Colorful Circles” free printable paper inspired by this project; the circles on the paper are the same size as the circles on the template. It’s going to be another one of my favorite papers, I can tell.

In making the envelopes, I printed Mini-eco’s string-tie envelope template, traced it onto the back of the paper, cut it out, then folded and glued. Next, I printed the Colorful Circles paper on cardstock, cut out some circles, and glued them to the envelopes with hot glue. The hot glue gives some dimension so the string has something to wrap around. On the top circle, I put glue, then the string, then the circle. 

Mini-eco is written by Kate, who hails from the UK (love those Brits)! I had to do a little looking to figure out how her template sizes relate to U.S. paper. It turns out, most of the world uses a letter size called A5; the U.S. and, I think, the Netherlands, are the only ones using 8.5×11. Basically, you can trace 2 of the small A5 templates on one sheet of 8.5×11 paper, the larger A4 template will be one per paper. The larger A4 template prints on an 8.5×11 sheet without scaling it down– you’ll lose a bit of the type at the top but none of the template. The smaller A5 prints on 8.5×11 with room to spare. I made 3 of the small envelopes.

In the construcion of this photo layout I used Filmoplast tape — a very sticky 2-sided tape used in picture framing — to adhere my envelopes to the paper. It’s on there for good, so I think I’ll perhaps frame or mount this in some way so that I can have a little envelope caddy hanging on the wall.  Won’t that be cute? I hope you’ll check out Mini-eco, I think you’ll love it.