Teardrop Trailer = Love At First Sight

A mere glimpse of this teardrop trailer and it took about two seconds for me to formulate an entire new lifestyle around the possesion of such an object. New idea to me but in fact not new at all…

…It’s been big (in a small, teardrop-shaped way) for a long, long time. Campergirl at uncooped.com has free vintage teardrop trailer plans, so kick your car out of the garage and build a bubble of your very own! Sigh. No bathroom in the bubble, though, so you’re at the mercy of the facilities at the campground. A drawback, I admit.

A definite “what the…” moment from a 1930′s Popular Mechanics magazine. This motorcycle-teardrop-trailer combo is clever; the motorcyle detachs from the trailer so you can use it to get around once you’re on site. Love the canoe canopy, but seems like the wind up under there might pull the front end off the ground…

Here’s my “what-the…” invention: VW Cabrio convertible + teardrop trailer + outhouse on two wheels + Vespa scooter. All hooked together and rolling down the road. Like something out of Dr. Seuss…wonderful.

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