Free Pole Vault Birthday Cake Topper

Pole Vaulter Cake TopperIt was Drew’s birthday over the weekend, so I was busy making him a pole vaulter birthday cake! He liked it. He’s a pole vaulter, as is my step daughter, Emily. It’s Drew’s second year, and Emily is just starting.

The printable is pictured below, and you may download it for free. The PDF has fillable fields for the numbers, and if you like the colors as is (they are Drew’s school colors), you’re in great shape. If you’d like to change the colors, or you’d like a girl vaulter instead of a boy, a blonde rather than a brunette…I have listing in my Etsy shop to customize it for you.

Pole Vaulter Cake topper pictures

It wasn’t too hard to pull this togther. A box cake in 2, 9-inch round pans put them together with frosting in between. I set aside a small amount of batter and made the “pit” in the way you see in the picture above. What you see there is a piece of aluminum foil held in place with binder clips. I baked it like that and it was fine.

I used a little bit more than one tub of frosting (had some extra on hand) which I whipped in the mixer before I used it (that really improves the store bought frosting). I set aside a bit for the pit and colored it with just a drop of food coloring. For some reason I had it in my head that all pole vault pits are blue, but that is patently untrue.

The pole and the standards (holding up the flags) are made from 8-inch wood skewers. I painted the pole white and used washi tape for the large stripe, a fine-tipped marker for the narrow stripe. My son tells me those colors represent a particular pole vault manufacturer, so I learned something new on his birthday!

To assemble the printables I folded the pennants in half over a piece of string and glued. I glued the disks on either side of the string. I bent the mirror image of the vaulter in half at the hand and attached him to the pole by wrapping his hand around the pole and then glueing both sides together.

Hope you like this printable, and happy vaulting to all you pole vaulters out there!


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