Our New Baby Chicks

Our little baby chick

These are our new baby chicks (we got them Friday), and I must say, they are adorable.

Our Chicks

I don’t know what kind they are (maybe white leghorn?), whether they are girls or boys…They were hatched in biology class at Drew’s and Emily’s high school.

They’re living in a brooder box in our shed. Tim and I made the brooder box from a water heater box.

Chicks in a brooder box

It’s a very big brooder box. The days are warmer now, so during the day I lift the heat lamp up. I use fans to keep the air circulating in the shed (it can be stuffy), but the breeze doesn’t “ruffle their feathers” in the bottom of the box. The temperature is supposed to drop down into the 30s Tuesday and Wednesday, so we’re going to move them into the guest bedroom.

Everybody Poops

(Don’t worry little chickie, everybody poops!)

Hope you’re all getting ready for a great spring break. The chicks and I wish you a happy Easter!


Our New Baby Chicks — 6 Comments

  1. Hello! My daughter, Lacey, was wondering if you are planning on hosting any Art Camps this summer? We are in the process of scheduling our summer vacations, and she doesn’t want to miss it. She had such a great time last year! Thanks!

    Monica Hudson

    • Hi Monica,
      I’m so glad to hear Lacey is looking forward to art camp! It’ll be great to see her. I’m planning 1 week sessions same as last year. 1 week will be July 21-25, and the other will be July 28 – Aug 1. We’ll do the art show on Friday evening of each camp. I figured right after spring break was a good time to start putting out flyers and all, but see I could’ve done it sooner! One of these days I’ll be the early bird…

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