Faye Suzannah: Sketchbook by India

On the subject of India, I came across these colorful drawings by Faye Suzannah. She writes that she really had creative flurry during a visit to India, and her sketchbook pages tell the truth of the tale. Inspiring, colorful, and fun.

Faye lives in Brighton, England. She's chiefly a muralist, and for what my approval is worth (very little, I'm afraid) hers are some of the nicest murals...in particular, I like the birds (the step-by-step pictures here are interesting) and the fish.

What's your favorite sketchbook page? (Of hers, or of your own!) I'm going to try my hand tonight at an Indian elephant.

Sweet Apple

I've been wanting to do something like this for letterpress stationery. I imagined I'd hand paint the fruit and the letterpressed part would be the little mouth and eyes. I also wondered if I could create my own stamp for the fruit but I love the variation in color the watercolor gets.

Showing here is a concept piece by Mexican designer Rebecca Cubillo. Click through to see the rest of these becuase they are so cute, there's a blueberry, a kiwi (it has little hairs!) a watermelon...

Play Edit

Not that I'm going to make a post from the same website every day, but I also loved these few examples I found on kawacolle.jp.

I'm inspired by the patterns here to try something similar in digital paper.

The question, of course...what is it?  (I think it's some kind of mall. What do you think? As I mentioned before, the website is in Japanese).

This handwritten title inspired me to return to a previous version of my logo, (revised to be more minimal than I'd originally done). Maybe I'll stick wiith it for a while. It's the one with the sort of handwritten uppercase type, and the coral-colored "plus" sign. If you're reading this post a month -- -who am I kidding -- a week later and it's different, well, then you know.