Digital Kraft Paper

While we're on the subject of Christmas, last year I made this Christmas-Themed Kraft Paper. It's only Christmasey in color scheme, so it will be useful any time you have use for red, green, or natural colors.

I believe at the time I included a freebie, so I'll do that again, this time the bright green one, which I think is pretty.

In the process of redesinging my blog...and then maybe wanting to call it by my name rather than Cute + Useful...and moving it back and forth between Sqaurespace and Wordpress at least twice, I chucked all my previous posts. Not cool but I think that is what I did. Oh well. Here's the green paper.

"Girl Power Derby" Award Certificates

Made these Girl Power Derby Award Certificates by special request. They have the standard kit available; Style Awards, Place Awards, and Pit Passes. My customer also requested Drivers Licenses and a deluxe set of Place Awards (categorized for Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes & Above and Overall), so I made those, too. All in the shop.

These are a variation on the original Powder Puff Derby Awards, which have always been popular, but not everyone's keen on the whole "Powder Puff" thing. Does anyone have a consensus answer on whether this is spelled "Powder Puff" (two words) or "Powderpuff" (one word_ I've also made ones that say "Race Like a Girl." 

Lately I've made them with the name of the Derby as one of the fillable fields, which I think is the way of the future. Lots of different Derby Names out there. The pit passes aren't quite ready on those sets yet.