New Derby Colors

Added a new color way to these Pinewood Derby style award certifcates, place award certificates, and pit passes, by request. 

What would you pick? Orange, or red? Also, something is missing on the red ones (I'll have to fix it). Can you find it? The new certificates are in my shop, here

Digital Kraft Paper

While we're on the subject of Christmas, last year I made this Christmas-Themed Kraft Paper. It's only Christmasey in color scheme, so it will be useful any time you have use for red, green, or natural colors.

I believe at the time I included a freebie, so I'll do that again, this time the bright green one, which I think is pretty.

In the process of redesinging my blog...and then maybe wanting to call it by my name rather than Cute + Useful...and moving it back and forth between Sqaurespace and Wordpress at least twice, I chucked all my previous posts. Not cool but I think that is what I did. Oh well. Here's the green paper.

Bright Christmas Digital Paper

I've wanted to finish this set of digital papers for a while, so why not now? All ready for Christmas.... The patterns, especially the hand-drawn ornaments, remind me of Andy Warhol's early advertising years, when he was drawing the shoes.

See what I mean? The paper pack is available, as usual, in my shop.

"Girl Power Derby" Award Certificates

These Girl Power Derby Award Certificates are available here. The were made by special request and have the standard kit available; Style Awards, Place Awards, and Pit Passes. My customer also requested Drivers Licenses and a deluxe set of Place Awards (categorized for Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes & Above and Overall), so I made those, too. All in the shop.

These are a variation on the original Powder Puff Derby Awards, which have always been popular, but not everyone's keen on the whole "Powder Puff" thing. Does anyone have a consensus answer on whether this is spelled "Powder Puff" (two words) or "Powderpuff" (one word_ I've also made ones that say "Race Like a Girl." 

Lately I've made them with the name of the Derby as one of the fillable fields, which I think is the way of the future. Lots of different Derby Names out there. The pit passes aren't quite ready on those sets yet.